Re: z-index

> Maybe a silly question, but it seems like z-indexing works backwards in
> amaya.  If I view my webpage in firefox, opera, etc.  everything appears
> fine (i.e. item with z-index of larger number will appear over item having a
> smaller z-index).  However, in Amaya, the order is reversed.  Am I doing
> something wrong?

I recall a related thread about this recently [1] - you've crawled
through the mailing lists [2] before asking [3], didn't you? ;-p

According to the mentioned thread, there were no more updates from
Irene Vatton so I'm not sure about the current status.

> I can provide source code of my page if it helps (it's pretty small.)

You should always try to provide a simplified test case [4] whenever
possible. This usually helps a lot! ;-)

Generally, a good explanation also helps, specially about the steps on
how to reproduce the issue [5].

Unfortunately, your message misses a few important details which you
should try to provide in a follow up, such as:
 - Amaya version you are using (Help/About);
 - Operating system and version;

Note that, if you are not using the latest version ("10.1-pre5 (17
October 2008)" as of this writing), please consider upgrading [6],
even if just to check if this is already fixed in the most recently
available version. :-)

> Thanks,
> Mark.

Hope this helps,

  Helder Magalh„es


Received on Thursday, 27 November 2008 09:54:23 UTC