Re: SVG Editor Status: bugs & features

Hi Helder,

I prepared an announce for that I'll post when Amaya is released.
I haven't currently much time to fix the remaining bugs. I think the 
more important now is to complete the documentation [1] so that it will 
be ready for the next release. If there is someone among the 
contributors who wants to do this work, my technical report [2] (in 
French) may help.



> Great! :-)
> I'd suggest posting a similar message into the Yahoo! SVG Developers
> group [1], possibly stating the beta status of these features, in
> order to increase visibility and (potentially) gather more beta
> testers to help stabilizing the features before the release.
> When the next official version of Amaya is released, I'd also suggest
> making a shorter posting into [2], as the news are also
> syndicated by the W3 SVG graphics portal [3] - again, to help
> increasing visibility. ;-)
> Congratulations for all the great Amaya improvements, with special
> focus on the (somehow new) SVG features. Amaya isn't yet as fully
> featured as other SVG-specific authoring tools (such as Inkscape [4],
> for example), but its (X)HTML+SVG integration and (limited) support
> for SMIL animation are surely powerful features which deserve more
> visibility to the SVG community. :-) By the way, this integration
> isn't stated anywhere within the message and, being a pretty specific
> feature (which I'd risk saying Amaya is innovative at  while being
> both a viewer and an editor), I'd say that this deserved to be
> highlighted in release notes and/or in Amaya announcements.
> Regards,
>  Helder Magalhães
> [1]
> [2]
> [3]
> [4]

Received on Saturday, 11 October 2008 12:57:30 UTC