Re: Bug: Losing file-open dialogue box

On 18/11/2008, at 2:24 AM, Steven Pemberton wrote:

> Amaya 10.1 (Sep 2 2008)
> Windows XP
> I worked at home on my laptop, using an external screen as an  
> extended desktop, with the external screen to the right of my laptop.
> I closed Amaya, and moved location, and plugged in another external  
> screen, this time to the left of my notebook.
> I started up Amaya, and did a File Open. The Dialogue box was  
> clearly open (according to how Amaya was behaving) but was nowhere  
> to be seen. I discovered that it was placed to the right of my  
> notebook screen, where there was no physical screen, so I couldn't  
> reach it.

Did you sleep your laptop while moving it?
I have seen several applications with similar behaviour.
It depends on your graphics card & drivers.
The laptop wakes up expecting stuff to be where
it was when it went to sleep.

Fixing it can be as complicated as quitting the app,
removing the external screen, setting the control panel
for single display, starting the app, then reconnect
the external screen. You're lucky to have found an easy out ;-)

Peter Kerr
School of Music

Received on Monday, 17 November 2008 20:54:26 UTC