Re: table cell and margin property

> this is a short demo that illustrates that the
> td element is not following the box model for
> margins .....

No demo seems to be available. Sorry if I'm missing something! ;-)

By the way: the text suggests that this has to do with Amaya's
behavior on table handling. I recall a similar thread a few months
ago. Basically (if my memory isn't failing) the idea was that Amaya,
being also an editor, had to support some kind of cell/column
selection even with it was explicitly disabled by CSS style
information and/or HTML properties. Nevertheless, this may also lead
to the discussion whether Amaya could have an option to toggle between
editor/viewer modes, which was also already discussed within the
mailing list (again, if my memory isn't failing).

So I'd generally recommend that, if possible, finding an appropriate
thread and posting a follow up would be better than creating a new
thread; if not appropriate, linking to related threads could surely
help avoiding 'deja vu' debates. :-)

Hope this helps,

  Helder Magalh„es

Received on Sunday, 26 October 2008 16:20:19 UTC