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"Ø, ø" query (platform/keyboard mapping)

à insted of ´

– not supported in 6.0?

(no subject)

1) Scroll wheel 2) Arrow keys

<hr> UI Editing Bug

<ins> and <del> in XHTML 1.0 strict and 1.1

[Announcement] Amaya 6.0

[Announcement] Amaya 6.1

[Fwd: Need a new translation]

[www-amaya] <none>

a bug; small text size

absolute measures

Address bar Bug

advertisements in Amaya!

Amaya 6.0

Amaya 6.0 problems

Amaya 6.0 release date??

Amaya 6.0 Win98 bug

Amaya 6.0, win98

Amaya 6.1 aborts when trying to bullet marked region

Amaya 6.1 Bugs

Amaya 6.1 for CHIP Magazine

Amaya 6.1 LINUX-ELF crash

Amaya 6.1 Linux/GTK: http_proxy variable is used but not documented

Amaya 6.1 RPM i386 (static motif library)

Amaya and fink

amaya as an editor - body background problems

amaya crashes

Amaya crashes in Linux

Amaya for OpenGL

Amaya for OpenGL & TouchGraph?

Amaya GL 6.1

Amaya on Sun?

Amaya should complain

Amaya Tutorial

Amaya user interface

Amaya/GTK compile failure on freeBSD 3.4

Arabic in amaya

arrow key problem on Amaya 6

background images

BOM handling


Broken RPM download links


bug - <input type=file ...> no file browser

bug - <ret><ret> in textarea causes unwanted reformatting

Bug and bug children

Bug detected!

Bug in Amaya 6.0

Bug Report ? Delete links with links view - Supprimer des liens a vec vue liens

bug report: select + bulleted list ->crash

Bug: MathML stylesheet referenced HTTP 401 (text/html)

bug: saving to IIS 4.0 server: change saved but error dialog disp layed

Bugs found in 6.0

Building Amaya 6.1 from source on Linux

Can Amaya support 2-bytes charactar language ?

Cannot change annotation type


Copyright date

copyright notice


CSS Media Type bug

CSS1 Bugs

Delete Key not working properly

Doing copy and paste loosing lines break

dotted border lines in tables without the border attribute

Find and Replace bugs

Form and frames without java

further on accelerator keys

Future Amaya release next week

General Preferences bug

German translation bug

Help with cursor placement during editing...

I want to read/write Japanese documents.

Image Display Error/other bugs

images not aligning

include files

inline svg problem

Input control alignment bug

input list bug

interesting bug ....


interface conventions --- windows style

iso-8859-2 coding

It is Amaya 6.1

Key Mapping Linux Version

language list

List creation bug


Menus bug

Microsoft Exchange Server

More about SVG viewers and amaya

More on cookies

MS Exchange Server

Need a new translation]

New CSS Dialog

New CSS Stylesheet bug

New Email

New XHTML 1.1 <html lang= bug

No Annotation icon when selection in <pre></pre>

One bug, one crash; Amaya 6.1

Online Manual

Open in New Window bug

picture compression

Pictures not rendering

positioning problems

Possible bug in Amaya

probably bug



recognizing external stylesheet

reference url for nesting problem

Save as... bug

Saving an XHTML document adds wrong <meta>

Saving files with and without suffixes.

sidebar menus

Source amaya 6.1 + mathML

Spell Check bug

suggestion for site.....

SVG -- flushed cache, amaya ok!

SVG and Viewbox

SVG mime - NO, Amaya is wrong!!!

SVG mime type problem, details

SVG rendering errors

SVG, two most serious bugs

The strange case of the wrong colour

trace a message

trivial documentation error -- easy fix

Trouble printing Integral signs

version 6.0 of amaya!

version 6.0 on win 98

View > Show Strucute/Show Alternative windows don't display correctly

Weird file name problem clarification

which has precedence

Window sizing

X11 color names support

XHTML 1.1 bug

XHTML 1.1 lang= bug

XML 1.1 synchronising

Ø, ø Multi-key Support?

超值雙組合=駭客技術加新名單 NB1RbF2pV8l4M1Qj

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