Re: SVG, two most serious bugs

Yeah, I have just tried that validator...
I use Namo WebEditor, which creates the DOCTYPE as HTML3.2,
but the validator says lots of things not allowed for that version.

One example:
<embed ...stuff here... >

The validator says "end tag for EMBED omitted".
Well, the docs, as I've outlined on my user manual page:
state that this is required:

<embed ...stuff... />

But, Namo removes that last "/", even if I go down to the source code
and put it in.

Regarding EVE, she is tightly bound to the Win32 API, so you have got
to have a Windows emulator. I plan to get her going on Wine on Linux
Note the free version:
-- does everything except generate SVG.

Barry Kauler

Douglas Wagner <> wrote on 18/05/02 19:36:58:
>Hello Barry:
>If you run your site URL through the W3C HTML Validator you may find out 
>why you are having layout problems. I did that and found errors in your 
>EMBED code.
>Error: element "EMBED" not defined in this HTML version
># Line 171, column 50:
>   ... ge=""> </p>
>                                                         ^
>Error: end tag for "EMBED" omitted; possible causes include a missing 
>end tag, improper nesting of elements, or use of an element where it is 
>not allowed
># Line 171, column 3:
>   <p><embed src="evemanual/user1.svgz" width="634" height="480" 
>vspace=" ...
>      ^
>Hope this helps.
>I'd not heard of SVG before your posting so thanks for that. I've 
>downloaded the Adobe viewer and looked at your page. The SVG zoom 
>feature is amazing, as you say.
>Your Eve software looks remarkable as well. Do you have any plans to 
>make it available for Macintosh OS X? (Don't be surprised if you are 
>bugged from now on by Mac users asking the same question).
>Best Wishes:
>Douglas Wagner

Received on Saturday, 18 May 2002 20:20:55 UTC