images not aligning


I became somewhat frustrated trying to align and size pictures using the 
WYSIWYG editor with Amaya. Although the html editor in Amaya shows "right" 
alignment and the image would show as aligned "right" on a normal browser, the 
Amaya WSYIWYG editor seems to ignore alignment all together, not to mention odd 
sizing problems. (I am using the linux version). I realize it would be a big 
project, but it would be really neat if the WYSIWIG editor could be used to 
drag pictures around to where you want them and size them as well. 

But at the very least it would be nice if the pictures would show up as they 
would on a browser, with the correct alignment. Perhaps I am doing something 
wrong? I have a student who was also frustrated with the image rendering on the 
NT version. 

If Amaya is purely for demonstration purposes, then this is probably not a 
problem. If it is to be a useful editor, it might be a problem. It is a problem 
for me.


Jim Meyer

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