Re: One bug, one crash; Amaya 6.1

You need to select the element that you want to convert to a list.

In Unix, get the cursor on the line with "one" on it, and press escape (f2 in
windows). Then press the button, use the keyboard shortcut, select from the
types menu, or try a transformation...



On Mon, 27 May 2002, Steven Pemberton wrote:

  > Type the following XHTML 1.0 Strict document in:
  >     One
  >     Two
  >     Three
  > 1. Position before the 'O' on the first line, and press right arrow
  > times. You can't get past the last character of the first line.
  > 2. Select all three lines. Click on the 'Numbered list' button. *Crash*

  And there are a few more problems with trying to get numbered lists.
  Create a new XHTML 1.0 Strict document:


  Position before the word "one". Press the "numbered list" button". There is
  nothing I can do to get the "one" included in the list. If I press "delete"
  the list disappears, and if I position before the "one" and press backpace,
  the list disappears. (And if I focus on "One" and press "numbered list", I
  get a crash).

  Furthermore, if I position before "one" and press "numbered list", the up,
  down and left arrows all work, but the right arrow doesn't.

  Steven Pemberton

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