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Hi Kai,

The right solution is to include native MathML constructions into your XHTML
documents. The latest version of Mozilla (0.9.9) now includes support for 
displaying Presentation MathML and the Math Working Group has made available 
the "Universal MathML stylesheet" which makes it  possible to author a single 
form of HTML+MathML that will be viewable in many browsers, including IE5.5, 
IE6 and  Mozilla (see

> hi
> I'm trying to find a way to have a styled MathML-Object embeded into an HTML 
> (or XHTML) file without completly blocking the IE out of that file, so I 
> tried it with embedding it into an <object data="integral.xml" 
> type="text/xml">, but this is ignored by Amaya, when loading the file itself 
> it's shown (the file is valid XHTML width MathML in it), also Mozilla does it 
> as expected. Serversided Mime-Type is txt/xml too.
> Where's my mistake?
> everything to be found at
> (should end on a B/W MathML in Amaya/CVS, as there's a nested <object>).
> -- 
> Kai Lahmann

Received on Tuesday, 2 April 2002 03:24:50 UTC