Re: amaya as an editor - body background problems

Using CSS. the rule you want is

body { background: url(some/image.url) purple }

In Amaya 5.3 you can use the Style menu option "Background image" to generate
this - it lets you enter a local URI by browsing the file tree, or you can
enter a web URI.

(Cool. I hadn't known that until I just looked <grin/>)


Charles McCN

On Thu, 11 Apr 2002 wrote:

  I used to work with html several years ago but never xhtml or
  stylesheets or the newer stuff.  I was testing amaya 5.3, working in
  xhtml, but have been able to add a body background image.  If I modify
  the source I get parse errors (Invalid XHTML attribute "background" for
  the document profile).  How is this done in xhtml and/or amaya?  I
  couldn't find anything in the XHTML Basic or Modularization of XHTML W3C
  Recommendations, except something about a legacy module for depreciated
  elements/attributes.  What's the new way?

  ~ Daniel

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