Fw: Doing copy and paste loosing lines break

I also had a similar problem with posting a message using a form.  The
message I was typing in ran out of the form box, and when I pressed "enter"
the line jumped to the top of the page (over the top of other text/images).

How "browser capable" is Amaya designed to be?

-Ian S.: istolz@netspace.net.au

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From: patrick.girard@nto.atmel.com
Date: Thursday, 25 April 2002 10:40:44 PM
To: www-amaya@w3.org
Subject: Doing copy and paste loosing lines break


I am discovering Amaya software ...

When i do a copy from another software, a text editor by example with 3 
lines of text and then a past in Amaya, i loose the line break and get 
only one line of text.

In other words, is there a feature (like in Netscape Composer) when you 
do a paste to get the <br> tag at the end of each line you copy ?

Thanks for your answer

Patrick GIRARD


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