Re: Saving an XHTML document adds wrong <meta>

Hi Steven,

All your problems will be solved if you switch the option
"Use the application/xhtml+xml MIME type for XHTML documents" 
in Special/Preferences/Publishing

> > We thought that the meta element was useful when documents loaded locally?
> Yes, but not if it wrong.

> I created a local file, and it still used text/html, even if the extension
> was .xml.
> > If I understand your point of view, the author chooses to create a XHTML
> or
> > a HTML document but Amaya should not give information about the mime type.
> No my opinion is that Amaya shouldn't give the *wrong* information about the
> mime type.
> Steven

Received on Friday, 14 June 2002 04:23:30 UTC