Microsoft Exchange Server

Thanks all for not being nasty about pointing out my error. When I said 
Exchange Server, I actually meant Win2000 IIS V.5 Server. Frankly, I try to 
avoid Microsoft except at work. (I think the Exchange Server must just be for e-
mail and associated services) Just to give you some backround I am a pharmacist 
but have taught myself quite a bit about linux, java, expect, basic html. I 
have interests in timesaving through automation of programs, electronic medical 
records, and preservation of intellectual property for web documents.

At any rate, I believe David Woolley answered my question entirely. I searched 
the web and found some indication that there might be a non-microsoft solution 
to the NTLM problem but didn't research it further. Our web administrator had 
an option to use a different authentification but chose not to, probably for 
the reasons David mentioned:
====================================================> Date: Fri, 26 Apr 2002 15:45:03 +0100 Subject: RE: MS 
Exchange Server 
If it is using NTLM authentication, you are locked
into IE; not even Netscape supports that.

In that case, get it reconfigured for Basic 
Authentication, but note that clear text equivalent
passwords will go over the LAN.

David Woolley
BTS Holdings Limited


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