Re[4]: SVG, two most serious bugs

You guys are responding to my problem, but no one has
actually told me what to do to fix it.
The web page that I gave as an example, that Amaya can't
display the SVG graphics on, is my own site, so I can modify
it as required. 

Here is the problem shown another way:

I open an SVG graphic locally, it displays.
I upload it to my website and try to view it, I just see the text.

For example:

Now, it is quite reasonable that I should be able to type in this
URL and then see the graphic.
But, Amaya is only displaying the text of the SVG file.

The structure of the SVG file follows the guidelines in W3
SVG spec 1.0 exactly.


Barry Kauler

Kai Lahmann <> wrote on 18/05/02 09:31:15:
>Am Samstag, 18. Mai 2002 03:15 schrieb Barry Kauler:
>> Ha ha, I opened the page using IE (with Adobe SVG Viewer) they
>> display fine, and I chose "File > Save as..." to save the entire page
>> locally, *however* IE doesn't save the SVG graphic files. You would
>now I know, what's the problem: the files are served with text/plain - and 
>Amaya belives this!
>Kai Lahmann

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