Re: List creation bug


A better way to make lists is to create a list before you start typing the
items (either from the list button, from the menu, or using a keyboard
shortcut. Then you type the first list item. If you press enter only once you
will write a second paragraph in the same list item - to create a new list
item press enter again.

But it should be possible to do what you describe, and so I hope the bug is



On Fri, 3 May 2002, Bartolomé Sintes Marco wrote:


  I am using Amaya 6.1 in a Windows 98 SE (Spanish) computer.

  I want to create a list. First, I write the items of the list (for
  example, three items in three paragraphs), then I select using the mouse
  all the items, then I select Types / List / Bulleted list and then Amaya
  closes inmediately.

  In Amaya 5.3 this procedure worked fine.

  Thanking you in advance,

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