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>I want to draw lines with arrow heads..Some one can help for that as I could not
>find nothing for that in Amaya 6.1. 

Arrow head isn't a  predefined shape in Amaya nor in SVG.
But you draw draw it with the polygon tool.

You can also edit the source :

<polygon stroke="black" fill="black" points="233,498 243,498 238,508"/>

>Some times during drawing Amaya does not
>draw the lines at the same position where I want (it draws the angular
>line)..Please guide me what I am doing wromg.

SVG edition is under construction. 
Drawing is often limited in a small area for now.
Im not sure to understand your problem, could you explain more precisely ?



Received on Wednesday, 12 June 2002 02:43:02 UTC