Re: version 6.0 of amaya!

> After submitting many reports on busted display features 
> of Amaya, I had hoped that at least a few would be corrected
> this round... zilch -- nada -- none.   RATS!  Perhaps I should
> have limited my input to the two or three that are affecting 
> display on the simple corporate site at
> that is bare bones stuff  --> gosh css1 is old enough to be
> fully implemented by now. Version should maybe have been
> called 5.5 or something as it in no way looks like version 6
> of any of the big three.
> John Russell, VE3LL@RAC.CA
> (2 L's as in London)
> Be sure to check your HTML markup code by using
> or

I'm sorry if some of your reported bugs are still not fixed. As I know a
selector you use in your pages is still not well interpreted by Amaya.
Probably we didn't check all your pages (we used the CSS test suite).

We decided to change the release number to 6.0 because that version is deeply
different from previous versions, even if you didn't see immediately these 
differences. This version is based on a new generation of the thotlib and 
its formatter.
Please have a look at


Received on Wednesday, 24 April 2002 07:18:18 UTC