Re: Amaya Tutorial

Thank you for your response, I will try to address these issues, but I 
have attempted to answer your problems right here.

Marianne Vos wrote:

>I, for one, would be quite grateful, being an illiterate in designing
>websites, writing webpages and coding. But learning and sensitive to the
>request of W3C to format personal webwriting the right way.
>Questions I am struggling with right now are:
>* Why and what is the difference between the possible documentformats
The different document formats include HTML, XHTML, XML, PDF, and many 
others.  I will probably use an XML based language since it is easy to 
convert to other XML-based formats.

>* What is a loose DTD
A loose DTD includes pieces of HTML that are now deprecated (shouldn't 
be used).

>* How do you use Amaya with a prescribed DTD, or CSS
What exactly do you mean by prescribed DTD, or CSS?

>* Can Amaya be the editor in something like Frontpage (I tried this but the
>programme got stuck)
I highly doubt it, but I am not a developer so you might ask one of 
them.  Besides, I don't think Microsoft would like it.

>* I will make a list of explained codes to consult myself, what is p, what
>is block, what href, etc. Strange, every programmemanual I read does not
>have this, one has to buy or borrow a book.
p is paragraph.  In HTML, the <p> element is used to markup where a 
paragraph begins and ends.
A block starts on a new line, while inline elements are, well, inline. 
 <div> is a block element, while <span> is an inline element.
href is an attribute used to give a hypertext reference.  This is most 
used in anchors and links.

>Forgive me if the above is stupid, but you asked.
No question is ever stupid.  Asking questions is how you learn.  Don't 
put yourself down for asking questions or let others put you down for 
doing so.

>Marianne Vos
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>Onderwerp: Amaya Tutorial
>I am thinking about writing a tutorial to familiarize users with the
>features of Amaya.  If I pursue this, I would like to know:
>    * What features should I cover?
>    * How should I format it?
>    * What has given you the most trouble using Amaya (besides bugs)?
>    * What formats should the tutorial be available in?
>Thank you ahead of time for any input.

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