RE: Bugs found in 6.0

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> On Thu, 25 Apr 2002, Irene Vatton wrote:
>          *  en_US is accepted by General Preferences dialog 
> for language, but
>             when reopened, the preferences list en
>   In Amaya en-US and en are the same value.

I don't know the formal state of this. Looking at it from an X11 Unix point
of view, the <language>-<area> should always be respected. In the unix and
X11 world, we speek of C for being the default language. In most cases it
resembles a kind of English that's understandable by all english speaking
peobles, even the Frensh and Chineese.

Hence, for amaya, if at first the area code is added, it should stay there.
By default, if no language is speccified, it can be just "en"

For the spellchecker and such tools: "en" should be verry light: It should
accept both customize and customise.

> That seems OK in terms of how amaya processes them, but it 
> should still be
> able to keep the preference specified by the user, and send it as
> appropriate. I happen to use en-GB or en-AU in preference to en-US in
> browsers that let me do this.
> It would be nice if at some point I could declare my english 
> dictionaries for
> spellchecking to be en-NZ (or whatever). In my work I 

Would you realy call that en-NZ? Not nz-nz? ;-))

> sometimes have to
> spellcheck things to be one or other variety of english, and 
> it is a pain
> that I can't do this automatically by applying the 
> appropriate dictionary.
> cheers
> Chaals

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