Saving files with and without suffixes.

Hello Amaya folks,

Please forgive me if this has already been discussed
before (and point me to the discussion, please).

When I use Amaya with jigedit, Amaya saves a file with
or without a suffix (e.g., .html) depending (I believe)
on the name of the file I am editing.

I would like Amaya to warn me when I am saving a file with
or without a suffix and there is another one already there
without or with a suffix.

I don't know to what extent Amaya can add a suffix
automatically. I am not an expert on these matters. Would
it be possible for Amaya, given a media type, to query the
server for one or more possible suffixes, and when the user
has not provided a suffix on the file name:

  a) If there is only one suffix expected, use it and
     tell the author (when configured to tell the author).

  b) If there are several possible suffixes expected, ask
     the author which to use.

  c) On systems where no suffix is expected (perhaps Unix
     systems?) don't do any special prompting, or allow
     configuration to always require a suffix.

Perhaps this is all very w3c-centric, or apache-centric.
It may be perfectly ok to publish N files with the same
name differing only by suffix (e.g., to be served using
content negotiation). However, it is a common problem
at W3C that people don't realize they are publishing
two different files, one with ".html" and one without.
It would seem that a warning from Amaya when this situation
exists would help authors a lot.

Thank you,

  - Ian
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Received on Thursday, 2 May 2002 03:33:20 UTC