Re: FW: inline svg problem

> I was testing the Mozilla with MathML and SVG executable (windows version)
> Trying to read Amaya generated files. Mozilla complained about some
> indefined
> tags. Their implementation of MathML is no complete. And like Amaya, the SVG
> isn't complete too.
> I think Amaya is (yet) the more powerful viewer for mathML, buf for SVG
> there
> are many specialized viewers:

But many specialized viewers are not able to mix xhtml, svg and mathml.
With the adoption of OpenGL, the Amaya team hopes to make important progresses
in the SVG support.

> Changing of subject:
> I'd port my MS word generated math pages to Amaya, buf it does not have
> (yet)
> cookie support, and that is mandatory for my site. I don't see any plans
> near
> in time for developing cookie support, dosen't it?

I don't see why cookies are mandatory.
The core Amaya team doesn't plan to work on cookies support today and I don't
know if the support provided by the library libwww is enough stable and

Received on Thursday, 18 April 2002 08:44:50 UTC