1) Scroll wheel 2) Arrow keys

1) I've just got a computer with a scroll-wheel mouse and I 
notice that Amaya doesn't work with the scroll wheel. [Win XP]

2) An annoyance that I constantly have problems with is the 
fact that at the end of file, the right arrow key goes back to 
the first character on the last line.

Similarly, at the beginning of the file, the left arrow takes 
you to the end of the first line.

Or worse. Try it with the Amaya opening screen, and position 
before the word 'Amaya', and then press [left] repeatedly. Odd 

3) I personally like it when you are somewhere on the last 
line, if the [down] arrow takes you to the end of the last 
line, rather than just staying where you are. (And similarly 
with beginning of file and [up]).

Best wishes,

Steven Pemberton

Received on Thursday, 11 April 2002 03:44:24 UTC