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   Brant Langer Gurganus <> wrote:
> I am thinking about writing a tutorial to familiarize users with the 
> features of Amaya.  If I pursue this, I would like to know:

>     * What features should I cover?
>     * How should I format it?
>     * What has given you the most trouble using Amaya (besides bugs)?
>     * What formats should the tutorial be available in?

> Thank you ahead of time for any input.

     Mmmmm!   Thinks!  Seriously, What about writing a Schema for Tut-ML
and then xslt's for HTML, xhtml, PDF, TeX(?). etc - then tutorials can be
written for many kinds of software - particularly that produced by W3C of
course - I think in particular of the XML Schema Part 0.

     Just  thought!

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