w3c-translators@w3.org from October to December 2000 by thread

Japanese language version of Intellectual Property FAQ Omoti (Friday, 29 December)

Russian translation by way of (Friday, 29 December)

German Translation of XHTML-Basic Stefan Schumacher (Thursday, 28 December)

Translation of P3P Hung Hin Lik, Shell (Tuesday, 26 December)

Translations Boris Polania (Tuesday, 26 December)

About the translation of SMIL spec 2.0 by way of (Tuesday, 26 December)

XHTML Basic in Japanese TERAMOTO Yoshito (Sunday, 24 December)

German Translation of P3P1.0 Specification started Jurasurf@aol.com (Saturday, 23 December)

[XHTML Basic] French Version Karl Dubost (Friday, 22 December)

APPEL Japanese translation yusuke koizumi (Friday, 22 December)

[w3c-translators] <none> Janssen, Christian (Wednesday, 20 December)

[french] DOM Level 1 Eric van der Vlist (Wednesday, 20 December)

Translation of some presentation slides by way of (Wednesday, 20 December)

Reminder: I18N at WWW10: Call for Participation Martin J. Duerst (Monday, 18 December)

WAI QuickTips in Hebrew Nir Dagan (Wednesday, 13 December)

Re: Gujarati Translation-fonts Roomy Naqvy (Wednesday, 13 December)

Re: English-Gujarati Translation-Queries Roomy Naqvy (Tuesday, 12 December)

Hungarian Suli, Frank (Tuesday, 12 December)

Ref.: English-Gujarati Translation Roomy Naqvy (Sunday, 10 December)

Re: The World Wide Web Security FAQ in Japanese muramatsu (Friday, 8 December)

Re: ABOUT TRANSLATE Joseph M. Reagle Jr. (Monday, 4 December)

SMIL 1.0 - Italian translation Gioacchino La Vecchia (Saturday, 25 November)

Another translation Yusuke Koizumi (Monday, 20 November)

Want to help: French/English translator Altran, Jan Rendek (Friday, 17 November)

Info translation Fabrizio Pani\(hotmail\) (Friday, 17 November)

German translation of XHTMLMOD and XHTML Basic started Bjoern Hoehrmann (Friday, 10 November)

RDF, HTML: german translation begins Stefan Mintert (Friday, 10 November)

Internationalization at WWW10: Call for Participation Martin J. Duerst (Friday, 10 November)

RDF in Spanish Eva Méndez (Thursday, 9 November)

Dutch translation of the WAI Webcontent guidelines Ivan Herman (Tuesday, 7 November)

Translation of CSS2 specification to russian Oleg (Tuesday, 7 November)

HTML 4.01 in Spanish Daniel Solís Torres (Wednesday, 1 November)

Syntax of CSS rules in HTML's "style" attribute, in Japanese Atsushi Sugimura (Wednesday, 1 November)

Contra Dance Info OmPlace (Sunday, 22 October)

CSS Mobile Profile 1.0 in Japanese Atsushi Sugimura (Friday, 20 October)

Namespaces in XML to German Regine Bast (Thursday, 19 October)

Translation XML into Estonian by way of (Thursday, 19 October)

Some translations Yusuke Koizumi (Tuesday, 17 October)

German translation of XHTML 1.0 Bjoern Hoehrmann (Sunday, 15 October)

Re: [Moderator Action] How to volunteer as a translator MURGIA Michele Angelo (Saturday, 14 October)

German translation of Dave Raggetts tutorials Rene v. Bulmerincq (Saturday, 14 October)

translating into romanian Compensare (Friday, 13 October)

Translation of WML specification wrong string (Friday, 13 October)

[french]XPath Eric van der Vlist (Tuesday, 10 October)

Translate SVG Piotr \ (Friday, 6 October)

RE: HTML 4 in spanish CITICAB SRL (Friday, 6 October)

Re: German translation of XHTML 1.0 recommendation started Stefan Mintert (Thursday, 5 October)

XHML translation Martin Rebane (Thursday, 5 October)

Unpublished documents Emerson Jos Silveira da Costa (Tuesday, 3 October)

Can I publish your document? by way of (Monday, 2 October)

Re: Technical report source documents Martin J. Duerst (Monday, 2 October)

German translation of WCAG10-CSS-TECHS started Bjoern Hoehrmann (Sunday, 1 October)

Linking translations of technical reports Bjoern Hoehrmann (Sunday, 1 October)

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