Re: Dutch translation of the WAI Webcontent guidelines

Hello Ivan,

Can you please make sure that the translation gets served
with appropriate 'charset' information, according to

Also, I spotted two dots at the end of the copyright

Thanks a lot.

Regards,   Martin.

At 00/11/07 15:39 +0100, Ivan Herman wrote:
>Dear all,
>it took a bit longer than planned, but it is finally done. The Dutch 
>translation of the WAI Webcontent Rec is at:
>I have also incorporated Martin's remark from his earlier mail (thanks). I 
>would ask you to have a look at the translation to see whether the format, 
>the copyright, logo, etc, is acceptable. As soon as I get a green light, I 
>want to go 'public' with the translation. I also would like to have this 
>done this week because next week I will participate at a brainstorming at 
>the ministry of health in the Hague, and I would like to be in the 
>position to publicize the URL.
>The top part of the text says, roughly, the following (I took the text 
>from other translations Martin pointed at):
>This document is a Dutch translation of an English document (URL).
>This translation has been prepared under the supervision of the Dutch W3C 
>Office. It has been reviewed and checked by Eric Velleman and Henk 
>Snetselaar from Bartimeus, but it can still contain some mistakes. In case 
>of doubt, we refer you to the official English version.
>English Version: URL
>This version: URL, etc,
>Translator: Miente Bakker
>Ivan Herman
>Head of W3C Office in The Netherlands
>CWI, Kruislaan 413
>1098 SJ Amsterdam, The Netherlands
>tel:           +31-20-5924163
>tel mobile: +31-62-8881369
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