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Re: Gujarati Translation-fonts

From: Roomy Naqvy <roomynaqvy@123india.com>
Date: 13 Dec 2000 05:00:17 -0800
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To: duerst@w3.org
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Dear Martin
Thanks for your reply. If there is a standard version for Indic scripts that's the best thing to happen. Where can I find it? If that version doesn't work, then the Unicode idea is a good one. Though I am not too sure if it would work out well. The problem is to try different versions of various browsers. 

Martin, I know that the World Wide Web Consortium is the biggest name when it comes to the Internet. So translating for your organization is a matter of great pleasure. It's like winning the Nobel Prize in Translation. [Without the financial reward, of course.]As long as one is recognised and appreciated, it's enough.

Could I send you my resume in Word document format just to introduce myself better to you? I would be happy if any other translator/translators were to certify my work.

Well, you guessed it right. I wouldn't mind translating other pages on the w3 site. I would put in a formal application for permission. But let it be later. Let me begin with the specifications.

About hosting it, I would work out something. Possibly, buy a domain or something:)Temporarily, geocities can be used.

In any case, all the work is going to take some time. There are lots of pages and a number of words. Moreover, some of the terms used in English on the site may not always find cultural equivalents in the target language. So, I look ahead to a good experience.


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