Re: German translation of Dave Raggetts tutorials

On Sat, 14 Oct 2000, Martin J. Duerst wrote:

> Hello Rene,
> Please note that the Intellectual Property FAQ 5.6 only speaks about
> specifications, not about other material. For other material, the
> permission has to be asked for on a case-by-case base, and in advance.
> I would like to ask Dave to decide whether we want to allow this
> or not. Dave, what's your opinion?

Many thanks Rene for reporting the 2 errors, which I have now fixed.
I hope to get time to further improve the tutorials, e.g. to cover
XHTML, but can't make any promises as to when I will do so. You are
most welcome to republish the tutorials and I would appreciate any
suggestions for improving the tutorials.


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