Ref.: English-Gujarati Translation

Dear Friend
One has been familiar with for ages. Today, I visited your site at
and it gave me immense pleasure for I could contribute as a translator.

I've a couple of queries here. I did not understand the URL that I was supposed to provide.

Allow me to introduce myself. I work as Assistant Professor of English at Jamia Millia Islamia University, New Delhi, India. I have also worked as freelance translator for five years. I know three languages, English, Gujarati and Hindi and have received an award for Gujarati Translation.

I'm also moderator for English-Gujarati, Gujarati-English language subcommunities.

I would like to help out with translations into Gujarati.

Do give me specific guidelines or which pages are to translated. I would be happy to go ahead.

Roomy Fakhrul Naqvy

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Received on Sunday, 10 December 2000 04:17:01 UTC