Re: Can I publish your document?

Hello Eiji,

Please note that the document you translated is not a speci-
fication, and that therefore the W3C translation policy doesn't
apply automatically. This means that you have to ask to get
the explicit permission to translate and/or publish it, which
you have done (for translations of specifications, this
explicit permission is not necessary).

We herewith grant you the permission to publish the document
mentioned below, under the same conditions as they apply to
technical reports (see
for details).

At 00/10/02 15:20 +0900, oga wrote:
>Hello, I am Eiji Oga, Japan.
>I hava translated your document,
>into Japanese.
>Can I publish it on the web?
>Eiji Oga (

Received on Monday, 2 October 2000 02:59:25 UTC