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Definitions for option 6 (part 2 of 2) Andy Seaborne (Friday, 30 March)

Description and thoughts behind option 6 (part 1 of 2) Andy Seaborne (Friday, 30 March)

RDF-WG to SPARQL-WG: request to consider a change to SPARQL prefix name token syntax. Andy Seaborne (Wednesday, 28 March)

Minutes for March 27 teleconf Paul Gearon (Tuesday, 27 March)

ACTION-593: SPARQL CSV/TSV review Chimezie Ogbuji (Tuesday, 27 March)

SPARQL TC 2012-03-27: Agenda Polleres, Axel (Monday, 26 March)

Overview document (ACTION-595) Polleres, Axel (Monday, 26 March)

property paths Gregory Williams (Monday, 26 March)

SPARQL WG minutes Lee Feigenbaum (Tuesday, 20 March)

today's SPARQL agenda Lee Feigenbaum (Tuesday, 20 March)

Property Path Cardinality Mixing Andy Seaborne (Sunday, 18 March)

DISTINCT() Polleres, Axel (Wednesday, 14 March)

SPARQL TC 2012-03-12 : Status? Andy Seaborne (Monday, 12 March)

Meeting times 1hr earlier in europre, next two weeks. Sandro Hawke (Wednesday, 7 March)

today's minutes Axel Polleres (Tuesday, 6 March)

apologies Paul Gearon (Tuesday, 6 March)

SPARQL TC 2012-03-06 Axel Polleres (Monday, 5 March)

ACTION-598 Open comments Axel Polleres (Monday, 5 March)

review of CSV/TSV (ACTION-594) Gregory Williams (Monday, 5 March)

Re: ACTION-597: Review Overview doc for LC readiness by completion of ACTION-595 Matthew Perry (Monday, 5 March)

Defining property paths Andy Seaborne (Friday, 2 March)

@Editors: Acknowledgements sections for all drafts... Axel Polleres (Tuesday, 28 February)

today's minutes Sandro Hawke (Tuesday, 28 February)

Property path summary and ways forward Andy Seaborne (Monday, 27 February)

thoughts on SPARQL WG schedule Axel Polleres (Monday, 27 February)

SPARQL TelCo 2012-02-28 Axel Polleres (Monday, 27 February)

today's minutes Carlos Buil Aranda (Tuesday, 21 February)

Property Paths Use Case Andy Seaborne (Tuesday, 21 February)

regrets Paul Gearon (Tuesday, 21 February)

regrets Olivier Corby (Tuesday, 21 February)

comments JP-4 how to proceed? Axel Polleres (Tuesday, 21 February)

Errata : grammar : problem with compound subject nodes and property paths. Andy Seaborne (Monday, 20 February)

chairing problem and Agenda SPARQL TC 2012-02-21 Axel Polleres (Monday, 20 February)

Change to Query CVS version, v1.338 Steve Harris (Thursday, 16 February)

Call for Exclusions (Update): SPARQL 1.1 Overview Ian Jacobs (Thursday, 16 February)

Comments about the complexity of evaluating property paths Marcelo Arenas (Wednesday, 15 February)

Fwd: SPARQL Telco today: Agenda Axel Polleres (Tuesday, 14 February)

Minutes Gregory Williams (Tuesday, 14 February)

Property Paths and Entailment Andy Seaborne (Tuesday, 14 February)

Comment response: DB-18 (Escapes in prefix names) Andy Seaborne (Sunday, 12 February)

Comment response: DB-17 (feedback on percent encoding in prefix names) Andy Seaborne (Sunday, 12 February)

Comment response: DB-19 (decimal syntax) Andy Seaborne (Sunday, 12 February)

Draft text for asking for implementation reports Andy Seaborne (Wednesday, 8 February)

Fwd: Today's minutes Alexandre Passant (Tuesday, 7 February)

MO-1 draft response (ACTION-588) Gregory Williams (Tuesday, 7 February)

SPARQL Telco tomorrow. Axel Polleres (Monday, 6 February)

Unavailable for February 7 telecom Paul Gearon (Monday, 6 February)

Re: Comment on SPARQL 1.1 CSV Results Gregory Williams (Sunday, 5 February)

COPY/MOVE tests Gregory Williams (Friday, 3 February)

Graph store protocol editor's draft updated Chimezie Ogbuji (Friday, 3 February)

EARL instructions for SPARQL 1.1 test suite? Chimezie Ogbuji (Friday, 3 February)

new test cases Gregory Williams (Tuesday, 31 January)

comment response for MO-1 Gregory Williams (Tuesday, 31 January)

Today's Minutes Matthew Perry (Tuesday, 31 January)

Agenda Telco Today Axel Polleres (Tuesday, 31 January)

Fwd: Comments about the semantics of property paths Andy Seaborne (Saturday, 28 January)

Federated query tests - experiences Andy Seaborne (Friday, 27 January)

ACTION-580: new implementations report Gregory Williams (Tuesday, 24 January)

Test functions/if01.rq Andy Seaborne (Tuesday, 24 January)

Minute of the meeting 2012-01-24 Andy Seaborne (Tuesday, 24 January)

Today's SPARQL WG Agenda Lee Feigenbaum (Tuesday, 24 January)

Re: ACTION-575: Propose tests for ADD, MOVE, and COPY Matthew Perry (Friday, 20 January)

ACTION-574: positive EXISTS tests Gregory Williams (Tuesday, 17 January)

Meeting minutes 17 Jan 2012 Paul Gearon (Tuesday, 17 January)

Tomorrow's SPARQL WG Call Lee Feigenbaum (Tuesday, 17 January)

Regrets for telecon of 2012-01-17 Andy Seaborne (Monday, 16 January)

Looking to review Provenance Access & Query document Lee Feigenbaum (Wednesday, 11 January)

Today's resolutions on graph store protocol Lee Feigenbaum (Tuesday, 10 January)

mintues Gregory Williams (Tuesday, 10 January)

SPARQL WG Agenda for 2012-Jan-10 Lee Feigenbaum (Monday, 9 January)

regrets for tomorrow & next steps Axel Polleres (Monday, 9 January)

Upcoming regrets Chimezie Ogbuji (Sunday, 8 January)

next steps on http graph store protocol Sandro Hawke (Friday, 6 January)

Re: Questions and comments on SPARQL 1.1 Graph Store HTTP Protocol draft Sandro Hawke (Friday, 6 January)

Call for Exclusions: Five SPARQL 1.1 Specifications Ian Jacobs (Thursday, 5 January)

Publications ready to go (almost) Axel Polleres (Thursday, 5 January) Axel Polleres (Wednesday, 4 January)

LC dates Gregory Williams (Tuesday, 3 January)

Minutes Birte Glimm (Tuesday, 3 January)

Proposed text for clarifying protocol conformance Lee Feigenbaum (Tuesday, 3 January)

[Fwd: Zakim teleconference bridge is down] Sandro Hawke (Tuesday, 3 January)

Re: Copyright of test materials Axel Polleres (Tuesday, 3 January)

SPARQL TC 2012-01-03 Axel Polleres (Tuesday, 3 January)

Fwd: SPARQL 1.1 security considerations Axel Polleres (Tuesday, 3 January)

Re: Getting ready to publish our documents (pubrules etc.) Birte Glimm (Sunday, 1 January)

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