Re: Graph store protocol editor's draft updated

On Feb 17, 2012, at 6:05 AM, Chimezie Ogbuji wrote:

> On Thu, Feb 16, 2012 at 8:55 PM, Gregory Williams <> wrote:
>> Somewhat relatedly, I went to try to find text in the GSP document about support for default graphs. I was surprised that I couldn't find any real statement that a graph store actually supports a default graph.
> The GSP document has the following explicit text (in section 4.2):
> "In a similar manner, a query component comprised of the string
> default can be used to indicate that the operation indirectly
> identifies the default graph in the Graph Store."

My concern here is twofold. First, this is halfway through a document which is entirely focused on interacting with graph stores, and this is essentially the first time default graphs are discussed. Second, I didn't read this as "explicit text". Certainly not in the way Update deals with defining a graph store ("a Graph Store contains one (unnamed) slot holding a default graph and zero or more named slots holdingnamed graphs").

> Were you looking for something else beyond this?

Yes. I was expecting/hoping for a an actual definition of what the graphstore is. The terminology section provides what looks like a definition, but it isn't all that specific, and doesn't mention default graphs at all. If the GSP is going to rely on the definition in Update, I think it should have some text to that affect, not just a citation link next to the (different) definition.


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