Re: SPARQL WG Agenda for 2012-Jan-10

On Mon, 2012-01-09 at 16:32 -0500, Lee Feigenbaum wrote:
> Let's see if we can make any progress in 3 areas tomorrow:
> 1) Graph State Protocol to last call (see recent thread from Sandro); 
> Chime won't be on the call, but let's make what progress we can.

(Oh no, now I've gotten you saying Graph *State* too!)

I'm at some risk for today, in that I'm coming from the dentist and they
might run late.  Maybe we can move this to the second half of the hour?
Anyway, I made a different-approach compromise proposal in email just
sent to Andy [1].    You can skip to the last section of my reply text,
for the actual proposal.

    -- Sandro

> 2) CSV/TSV document.
>    * I've expressed hesitation in the past with the fact the differences 
> between the CSV and TSV formats in the document 
> (, 
> specifically with respect to the encoding of RDF terms in the TSV format 
> and not in the CSV format.
> 3) Test suite status & actions for all documents
> We have regrets from Chime, Axel, and Carlos.
> Zakim is up and running so we'll use the standard call-in information.
> Lee


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