Today's SPARQL WG Agenda

Apologies for the very late agenda. A bit of a miscommunication between 
us chairs.

Last week's minutes are at:

Today I'd like to discuss:

* Test approvals
   * The implementation report at shows tests that are / 
are not approved
   * I'd like to go over this, and propose approving all tests that are 
passed by both ARQ and RDF::Query.
   * We can then focus on tests that are failed by one or the other or 
not run by both.

   * A brief mail thread at
   * We approved test cases in, with a bit of 
discussion about the difference between the formats (CSV is values only, 
TSV has full term information)
   * I'd like to at least discuss this: if I'm the only person 
uncomfortable with the two formats, then I'll let it go...


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