Re: Looking to review Provenance Access & Query document

I've read the PROV Primer and PROV AQ, although not with the intent to 
review, rather to understand the key points coming out of the prov-WG.

I'm happy to reread and comment for the WG in a week or so - but not 
just at the moment.

The focus is provenance of things with IRIs, processes applied and 
agents involved.  "entities" are as far as I could see, AWWW resources 
but there is an emphasis on being part of rsources as well (chart in 

A couple of areas that might be worth looking at from a SPARQL 
point-of-view (I'd need to go back and check details before saying these 
are comments):

1/ Service description: they have a provenance service description 
framework but the format is not fixed.  The examples in the doc are JSON 
so they can't be merged into a SPARQL SD.  If the provenance service is 
also a SPARQL endpoint there's a danger of wanting two sets of 
information at the same point - better to make RDF first-class and then 
it can be in a SPARQL SD.

2/ (point comment) There's a couple of SPARQL queries as illustrations 
and a comment on restricting properties to namespaces.

The SPARQL 1.1 idiom:

     FILTER strstarts(str(?p), str(prov:))

does that filtering.


On 11/01/12 14:27, Lee Feigenbaum wrote:
> The Provenance Working Group has published a first public working draft
> of a document on accessing and querying provenance information.
> The document is at:
> It has several sections that may relate to our work. In particular:
> * It talks about how to go from a resource to provenance information
> about the resource
> * It talks about how to query provenance information
> I'd like to ask for a volunteer / volunteers to review this document so
> that we (as a WG) can send feedback (if any) to the provenance group.
> thanks,
> Lee

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