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> My apologies for the lateness of this review.

Chime -- thanks for the review.

> Overall, the document is well-written and I only have a few minute
> typos/suggestions below:
> = 2. Transmission issues using CSV and TSV Formats =
> Comma Separated values (CSV) [RFC4180] and Tab Separeated Value (TSV)
> s/Separeated/Separated


> = 4. TSV - Tab Separated values =
> "All RDF terms used in the format are encoded in the format specified
> by Turtle [TURTLE] except that the triple quoted forms for the lexical
> part of literals must not be used;"
> I suggest further elaboration about what to do if (for example) an RDF
> Literal in the result set had characters that needed to be escaped in
> this way.  Does the implementation ignore that solution, strip out the
> offending characters, or use some other solution?


These forms would allow raw newlines and tabs that form part of the TSV 
format. A TSV format SPARQL result set must use the single quoted 
literal forms, together with any necessary escapes such as \t, \n and \r.

> Otherwise, the document looks good to me.


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