chairing problem and Agenda SPARQL TC 2012-02-21

Dear all,

Since I am at risk tomorrow, and Lee also still unavailable, we have a chairing problem.
We will try to find a solution, but I think the meeting should not be skipped.

I would suggest to discuss the items outstanding on the agenda from the last two telcos:

* Status of GSP and CSV/TSV publications
** In case they're in publishable state, this should be recorded, otherwise the schedule for publications should be discussed and reviews should be solicited, if needed (IIUC, we had reviews from Birte and Sandro already for GSP)
* Tests/Implementations (,
	* Any reports on "entailment regimes"?
	* What's the status of SD?
	* Any updates to anyone?
* COMMENTS review 
* ACTION review

As for the things we discussed last time (COPY/MOVE and comment JP-4 I will write a separate email.


Received on Monday, 20 February 2012 11:47:41 UTC