Re: ACTION-575: Propose tests for ADD, MOVE, and COPY

On 26/01/12 15:46, Gregory Williams wrote:
> On Jan 20, 2012, at 4:12 PM, Matthew Perry wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I added some SPARQL Update shortcut tests in /add /move and /copy.
> Here's another issue. In copy-07, the update is:
> COPY :g1 TO :g1
> which the spec says is equivalent to:
> INSERT { GRAPH :g1 { ?s ?p ?o } } WHERE { GRAPH :g1 { ?s ?p ?o } }
> But I think the natural understanding of copying :g1 to :g1 is what the test case expects (that :g1 is unchanged), not that the graph is dropped, and then the copy is left with an empty graph to copy from/to.

I agree that dropping :g1 is not nice and not natural. In the text's 
defense it does say "Data from the input graph is not affected"

The definition also not distinguish

COPY :g1 TO :xyz

but on a store that needs graph created first, these are different.


MOVE :g1 TO :g1

which is defined like COPY-DROP, should not erase :g1


> .greg

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