Re: Getting ready to publish our documents (pubrules etc.)

Hi Axel,
happy new year, also to the rest of the WG.

I've tried my best with the pub process. Apart from complaints that
the to be created URL (20120102...) does not exist, I still get
Status: 501 Protocol scheme 'view-source' is not supported
from the link checker, but we had this before and the link is ok.

The Namespaces Checker of the pubrules checker still complaints: (1 occurrence)
    -> 301 (Moved Permanently) -> 403 (Forbidden) (3 occurrences)
    -> 302 (Moved Temporarily) -> 405 (Method Not Allowed) (1 occurrence)
    -> 302 (Moved Temporarily) -> 405 (Method Not Allowed)

The URLs seem ok to me though.

Best regards,


On 29 December 2011 20:13, Axel Polleres <> wrote:
> Hi all,
> Following the resolutions from the last telco before christmas, I started to prepare docs for publication - starting with the Update doc -
> with publication date Jan 2nd and comments period until Feb 2nd.
> I am not really sure we can really achieve Jan 2nd as publication date, but here are the steps summarized again which we need
> to do for all other docs as well ...
>  1) I have followed the steps from
>  2) ...I have copied the final version to the following pub folder on CVS: WWW/2009/sparql/docs/pub/20120102,
>    example file: (pubrules checked)
>  1) In addition to the points mentioned at, I have added a red wgNote box
>    (this uses local.css, also committed in the pub folder) which says the following in the Status section:
>    "Given that sufficient implementation experience has already been reported by the time of the
>     next publication round, the SPARQL Working Group is considering to skip Candidate Recommendation
>     phase and advance this specification directly to Proposed Recommendation with its next version."
>  4) Important: For all documents, we need to update particularly the Status section... Unless the changes to
>    previous version are up-to-date (.e. if they still refer to the one but last version),
>    I would by default simply remove such comments on changes from the previous version.
> So, @alleditors: Let me know if you can do the same for your respective docs, ideally by tomorrow COB...
> if not, and if we want to stick with Jan 2nd, I will just try to proceed likewise with the other docs myself,
> not sure if I manage before Monday, but let's see, will sort out the earliest pub date otherwise with Lee
> and Sandro.
> If I don't hear back from you, let me wish @all a great coming year 2012 already!
> cheers,
> Axel
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