Re: EARL instructions for SPARQL 1.1 test suite?

Initial EARL-generating run of FuXi (1.4 SPARQL 1.1 Entailment Regime
test EARL) - see attached EARL/DOAP/FOAF N3 document - for
implementation report.

The following tests were skipped (for now):

        Skipping (rdf01) Quantification over predicates
        Skipping (rdf02) Reification
        Skipping (rdfs01) Quantification over predicates
        Skipping (rdfs05) Quantification over predicates (unary)
        Skipping (rdfs11) Reflexivity of rdfs:subClassOf (?x -> rdfs:Container)

On Fri, Feb 3, 2012 at 12:58 PM, Gregory Williams <> wrote:
> On Feb 2, 2012, at 9:24 PM, Chimezie Ogbuji wrote:
>> I was planning on generating some EARL for FuXi's implementation of
>> several of the SPARQL 1.1 Entailment Regimes, this weekend.  Is the
>> format of the EARL the same as it was in SPARQL 1.0 or are there some
>> documented differences?
> I believe it's the same as 1.0, but to be honest, in developing the implementations report code I based my work on existing EARL data, not any documentation. There's a link to the EARL files that I'm currently able to work with at the bottom of the implementations report:
> The one possible addition to the 1.0-style EARL that would help me with the reports is if you could make earl:subject point at a IRI (not a bnode), and have that thing use doap:name to give it a name ("FuXi") suitable for the column heading in the implementation report.
> thanks,
> .greg

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