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Re: Monkeyfist.com: A simple, prima facie argument in favor of the Semantic Web Jos De_Roo (Tuesday, 30 April)

Monkeyfist.com: A simple, prima facie argument in favor of the Semantic Web bparsia@email.unc.edu (Tuesday, 30 April)

Survey on Query Languages/Tools for RDF/S, DAML+OIL, TopicMap Aimilia Maganaraki (Tuesday, 30 April)

RE: Documents, Cars, Hills, and Valleys - Some statements and proposals Graham Moore (Tuesday, 30 April)

Ann: Web Services Architecture Requirements published Hugo Haas (Tuesday, 30 April)

Reality (universal rdf and rdfs namespaces) Karsten Tolle (Tuesday, 30 April)

Ann: Web Service Description Requirements published Jonathan Marsh (Monday, 29 April)

P3P rdf Giles Hogben (Monday, 29 April)

rdfs:label and rdfs:comment Graham Klyne (Monday, 29 April)

Q: RDF Content Model and DAML+OIL tony_hammond@harcourt.com (Monday, 29 April)

[OT] HTTP Delegation of representation Uche Ogbuji (Sunday, 28 April)

Announcement: Thea RDF Parser available for download. Vangelis Vassiliadis (Saturday, 27 April)

"Never underestimate the power of convention!" Uche Ogbuji (Saturday, 27 April)

FW: I-D ACTION:draft-masinter-dated-uri-03.txt Larry Masinter (Friday, 26 April)

Explicit Disambiguation Via RDF bNodes, more Process Sandro Hawke (Friday, 26 April)

Queries and report generation in RDF/N3 Graham Klyne (Thursday, 25 April)

RE: Disambiguation; keeping the "U" in "URI" (& Documents, Cars, Hills, and Valleys) Manos Batsis (Thursday, 25 April)

Ontologies, inference etc Gerry Wolff (Tuesday, 23 April)

4/19 VLAB Semantic Web Panel - recap alex wright (Monday, 22 April)

RDF benchmarks Geoff Chappell (Sunday, 21 April)

Open PhD Position - Project SWWS "Semantic Web Enabled Web Services" Alexander Maedche (Friday, 19 April)

XML Schema vs DAML/RDF/RDFS R.V.Guha (Wednesday, 17 April)

PhD and Post-Doc Positions at AIFB, Karlsruhe Gerd Stumme (Wednesday, 17 April)

Constraints: Content model - how to? tony_hammond@harcourt.com (Tuesday, 16 April)

CFP (extended deadline): Ontologies in Agent Systems at AAMAS'02 Stephen Cranefield (Tuesday, 16 April)

ANN: Introductory article on Versa Uche Ogbuji (Monday, 15 April)

RE: '#' exit document space? (was: Documents, Cars, Hills, and Valleys) Joshua Allen (Monday, 15 April)

n3s - A Notation3 Preprocessor Sean B. Palmer (Monday, 15 April)

Announcement: SemanticWeb.Gr web site Vangelis Vassiliadis (Sunday, 14 April)

Clarification on proposed requirement David Booth (Friday, 12 April)

A New Specification for Managing Metadata John Punin (Friday, 12 April)

Re: rdf:resource, reference to same-named attributes and elements in the same namespace by way of (Friday, 12 April)

ISWC2002: call for participation (registration open) Jerome Euzenat (Friday, 12 April)

DAML+OIL Ontology Editor Ian Horrocks (Friday, 12 April)

FW: Protege-2000 1.7 Release Danny Ayers (Thursday, 11 April)

RE: '#' exit document space? (was: Documents, Cars, Hills, and V alleys) Miles Sabin (Thursday, 11 April)

isa:Nest & has:resource tony_hammond@harcourt.com (Wednesday, 10 April)

RE: RDF ontology for describing reusable software components Stephen Cranefield (Sunday, 7 April)

UDDI, RDF and Semweb? Jens Jakob Andersen, PDI (Sunday, 7 April)

FW: [Chat] Common Logic, return of the KIF Bill de hÓra (Sunday, 7 April)

New I-D: application/rdf+xml Media Type Registration Aaron Swartz (Sunday, 7 April)

silly question about rdf:about Sandro Hawke (Saturday, 6 April)

OpenCyc 0.6 Bill de hÓra (Saturday, 6 April)

QNames for Better Visuals? tony_hammond@harcourt.com (Friday, 5 April)

Re: Fuzzy clustering for semantic web AS Poeran (Friday, 5 April)

New Version of RDF Web Scraper available Aditya Kalyanpur (Thursday, 4 April)

Article: Managing structured Web service metadata Uche Ogbuji (Thursday, 4 April)

n3 suggestion: comma, semi-colon, and period; Versioning Sandro Hawke (Wednesday, 3 April)

Re: Program Semantics -- Lexica, Logics, Ontologies, Semiotica, Syn-Taxonomies David Sallach (Tuesday, 2 April)

Think Piece: Key Free Trust in the Semantic Web Joseph Reagle (Tuesday, 2 April)

ECML/PKDD-Workshop "Semantic Web Mining" CFP Gerd Stumme (Tuesday, 2 April)

RE: ANN: Joseki, an RDF server for Jena Seaborne, Andy (Tuesday, 2 April)

Re: RDF ontology for describing reusable software components David Saff (Tuesday, 2 April)

Re: SUO: Re: REQUEST: survey of available ontologies, taxonomies, thesauri, lexicons? Bill Andersen (Monday, 1 April)

Re: REQUEST: survey of available ontologies, taxonomies, thesauri,lexicons? asun Gomez-perez (Monday, 1 April)

Re: OPML+RDF/XTM? Thomas B. Passin (Monday, 1 April)

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