RE: Documents, Cars, Hills, and Valleys

> a URI to denote the Mona Lisa, because no matter what I get back from an
> http request, it sure ain't going to be the Mona Lisa (hopefully, it will
> be a photograph of it).  I'm still trying to decide what category the
> Declaration of Independence falls in.  Perhaps a continuum of
> "retrievability" is in order.

Excellent! Actual continuum from abstract UUID to URL which can be used to
retrieve the master digital copy of a resource that exists only as bits.

(In case of the Mona Lisa, a large TIFF image would be closer to the "real
thing" than a lossy-compressed JPG which would itself be closer than a thumb
nail GIF. Perhaps it should be a numerical scale added as a fragment
identifier to the URL. )

> Anyone care to help me formalize this intuition?

Not me, but surely it must have been done in other contexts?

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