Re: Disambiguation; keeping the "U" in "URI"

> I'm happy with the use of Content-Location: as a mechanism for
> resolving ambiguity between retrievable referents (eg. for variant
> representation selection), but it doesn't solve the whole problem.

I know this is an RDF list, not an HTTP one, but I've read the RFC and still 
need to sure I am clear on this particular discussion of Content-Location.

The RFC seems to hint at the use of C-L more in the situation of variant 
representations (I imagine havinf an HTML, XHTML and SVG version of a page, 
all returning a single C-L header so the UA knows they are just variant 

Mark, can you provide some pointers that clarify the IMHO different use you 
are discussing in your examples?  i.e. doing the job that I would normally 
assign to temporary redirects.


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