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(my) review assignment(s)

16 October (Wed.) QAWG telecon agenda

16 October (Wed.) QAWG telecon agenda (draft)

2-October (Wed.) QAWG telecon agenda

2-October (Wed.) QAWG telecon agenda (2nd draft)

[draft] Tokyo f2f meeting minutes - review before oct 23rd

about "final" Issues List

are the ET docs now NOTEs?


clarification - time needed for TestGL

completed AIs

Darft Minutes for QAWG Telcon Wed. 16 October 2002

deadline for comments on QA WG position on errata process (was RE: 16 October (Wed.) QAWG telecon agenda)

Deadline for Reviews 2002-10-25

demo presentation template

Detailed proposal for Test Group and Spec Questionnaire topics, Tokyo F2F

Documents to read Guidebook

DRAFT - QA telconf 2002-09-25

draft Introduction

Draft Minutes - Telcon 10/28/02

Draft minutes QA WG Telecon 2002-10-02

draft OpsGL -- have a look

Draft telcon minutes

Due dates for Techniques Analyses


Editorial thoughts on qaframe-spec

Final Minutes Minutes for QAWG Telcon Mon. 21 October 2002

Final Minutes QA Working Group Teleconference 2002-10-16

Final QA telconf 2002-09-25

Fwd: [Last call] 24 Oct 2002 Process Document (until 28 November)

Fwd: Request to advance UAAG 1.0 to Proposed Recommendation

FYI: Clash

GL6 "Conformance Policy (was: Re: SpecGL problems/issues for telcon 28 Oct)

GL6 Conformance Policy -- a new twist

Intro & User Scenarios

issue #19

issue #59 proposal?

issue #99

issues list updated

link to NIST TestGL comments

list of action items (post f2f)

Minutes of QAWG/IG face-to-face meeting, Tokyo 8-10 october 2002

Minutes QA WG Telecon 2002-10-02

Monday (21-oct) QAWG telecon

Monday (21-oct) QAWG telecon (draft)

Monday (21-oct) QAWG telecon PRE-AGENDA

Monday (28-oct) QAWG telecon agenda

Monday (28-oct) QAWG telecon agenda (draft)

Monday (4-nov) QAWG telecon agenda (draft)

Never Mind. Re: Due dates for Techniques Analyses

new (**in progress**) issues list

new Issues List

new OpsGL/ET drafts

New teleconference schedule

New WG version of the Spec GL

NIST comments on TestGL

Open issues on SpecGL (was: WG SpecGL updated)

OpsGL Issue -- feedback requested

problems w/ documented issue resolutions

proposed refined agenda

QA f2f - logistics - "last call"

QA WG feedback on the SOAP 1.2 Attachment feature

QAWG Issues for 2-oct

QAWG position on errata proposal

Regrets (was: Monday (28-oct) QAWG telecon agenda (draft))

Regrets - Telconf - 2002-10-16

Reminder: XMLP WG "Attachment Feature" LC deadline in 8 days

Report on answers to questionnaire, AI-2002-0918-4

settle new telecon

SpecGL problems/issues for telcon 28 Oct

SpecGL problems/issues to be addressed

status of your comments on Draft SpecGL

Suggestion for different agenda Tokyo F2F (AI-2002-0918-7 completed)

telecon resolution

telecon resolution -- correction

Test Group Proposal (Action item AI-2002-0918-6 concluded)

testGL - pre-editors draft

Thank You for Hosting F2F

TOC checkpoints

Tokyo Test demos

TS demos

Tuesday A.M. in Tokyo

use of Priority vs Conformance Levels

WG SpecGL updated

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