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9/22 windows95 binary

[Announcement] Amaya 1.1a Beta public release

[Update] Amaya 1.1a Beta public release

[UPDATE] Amaya mailing lists and Web Archives

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Amaya / Win32

Amaya 1.0b

Amaya 1.1 binary release on sun/sol2.5

Amaya 1.1 Member release is out!

Amaya 1.1a Beta on IRIX 5.3

Amaya 1.1a Beta public download links at www.-, ftp.- and ftp-eu.w3.org are broken

Amaya 1.1a bugs on LINUX-ELF

Amaya 1.1b on AIX4.2

Amaya core dump

Amaya Execution trouble on LinuxPPC

Amaya has no undo ?!

Amaya in TrueColor?

Amaya NT bugs

Amaya on LINUX-ELF ; startup problem

amaya on Windows-95

Amaya on windows.

Amaya refuses to work on my Windows 95

Amaya single click + [Q] centered table?

Amaya with Win95

Amaya works great on LINUX-ELF!

Amaya, font & win95

amaya-1.0b on ultrix 4.4


Amaya/WinNT 1.1a

Amaya1.0b and Solaris2.5. (Bugs?)

Benefits Managers \ Administrators

Bookmarks and image alignment

Brief comment on amaya 1.0b distribution

bug report (Amaya 1.1a beta/Solaris 2.5)

compiling amaya on windows95

Compiling Amaya without Motif

core dump on DEC ALPHA

Don't forget Solaris! (was Re: Amaya/WinNT 1.1a)

Extra files in distribution

getting Amaya compiled


How to set no_proxy in amaya-java?


keyboard with W95 Amaya

libwww & amaya

libwww & amaya source

LINUX-ELF amaya and olwm

LINUX-ELF amaya v1.1a Seg Faults

Mail System Error - Returned Mail (fwd)

mailing list

More Win95 keyboard problems

no executable

NT processes persist after quitting amaya

pharmacy savings

previous 'bug'


Problems using PUT

Problems with large table

Proxy Configuration with Java-Amaya

Proxy-Trouble w/ amaya-java-LINUX-ELF-1.0b.tar.gz

Q: bug or feature with <HR>

Running 1.1 alpha on Windows 95

Running binary on windows95


source code for amaya

Sprynet and Compuserve servers

Still having execution problems

Style inside PRE and class names

thot library

Trying to run Amaya on w/95

trying to understand amaya under w95


unzip gz'ing amaya source

W95 Amaya

win95 & finding the start of Amaya

Win95 Amaya

win95 Amaya missing some icons

win95 executable

Win95 setup

Win95 version

windows95: amaya is running

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