Win95 version


 Does not recognize HTML "font face" .  I wonder if it recognizes any of
the "font" options.  Although the "font" extension is going to be replaced
by the CSS equivalent in the standard,  I think the browser should have it
in its vocabulary since I suspect it might not go away soon.

 Slide bar (a big issue to me).  The slide bar gets out of position
(relative to the document) when you try to drag it up or down on large


 Speaking of dragging (and dropping) are there provisions for dragging a
document to the Amaya icon?

 I noticed in my thot directory, I have serveral new folders named "1"
thru "9".  Each of these folders has an HTML document in it.  If these are
temporary files, they should be deleted when the child windows are closed
or at least, on exit from Amaya, and, windows\temp used instead of thot.

. . . more later

Received on Thursday, 25 September 1997 13:52:23 UTC