Re: problems

On Wed, 24 Sep 1997, Irene VATTON wrote:

> Brett wrote: 
> > snip .... [lots of failed configure stuff fails.... ]

> Do you try to re-use the previous hierarchy (release 1.0) ?

No - I downloaded all new src's for both amaya and thot-src and unpacked
them into /tmp, then made a Target directory and followed the
instructions on making.

> Let me know if it solves your problem and if not could you give me some
> information about the contents of the file Options.orig

I would be happy to give you this - it's empty!   :-)  The Options.orig
file (as well as all of the Makefiles in the different directories like
bin, tools, amaya, etc) are of zero length.  

This did not happen w/ previous incarnations and in fact if I substitute
thot-src-2.1b for 2.1d, I can get configure to work with amaya-1.1a (the
make fails due to missing files later but at least configure works).  

I did diff the configure files (from thot-src-2.1b and 2.1d), but I didn't 
see anything that could be causing this, but that may just be due to my
lack of experience w/ configure scripts.  

Brett Taylor

Received on Wednesday, 24 September 1997 12:30:31 UTC