Re: keyboard with W95 Amaya

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> Hi,
> two things:
> 1) I cannot type in two characters: 'u' and 'w' (both lowercase,
> uppercases are OK).
> Does that come from my keyboard or what ? 
> (yes, I DO CAN type 'u' and 'w' with my keyboard in other
> applications... ;-)

It comes from the Thot/config/amaya.keyboard file
Please remove these lines:
Ctrl <Key>1: CreateHeading1()
Ctrl <Key>2: CreateHeading2()
Ctrl <Key>3: CreateHeading3()
Ctrl <Key>4: CreateHeading4()
Ctrl <Key>5: CreateHeading5()
Ctrl <Key>6: CreateHeading6()
Ctrl <Key>x , Ctrl <Key>s: SaveDocument()
Ctrl <Key>x , Ctrl <Key>p: TtcPrint()
Ctrl <Key>x , Ctrl <Key>c: TtcCloseDocument()
Ctrl <Key>x , Ctrl <Key>f: TtcSearchText()
Ctrl <Key>c: TtcCopySelection()
Ctrl <Key>y: TtcPaste()
Ctrl <Key>w: TtcCutSelection()
Ctrl <Key>d: TtcDeleteSelection()
Ctrl <Key>-: TtcChildElement()
Ctrl <Key>a: TtcStartOfLine()
Ctrl <Key>e: TtcEndOfLine()
<Key>Home: TtcStartOfLine()
<Key>End: TtcEndOfLine()
Ctrl <Key>b: TtcPreviousElement()
Ctrl <Key>f: TtcNextElement()
<Key>L6: TtcCopyToClipboard()
<Key>L8: TtcPasteFromClipboard()
<Key>F6: TtcCopyToClipboard()
<Key>F8: TtcPasteFromClipboard()
Shift Ctrl <Key>I: CreateElemEmphasis()
Shift Ctrl <Key>B: CreateElemStrong()

only these lines work in Windows version:
<Key>Delete: TtcDeleteSelection()
<Key>Escape: TtcParentElement()
<Key>Return: TtcCreateElement()

> 2) When I type in the '$' character, the cursor goes to the beginning of
> the line. Is that normal?
> Thanks,

It's for the same reason

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