Re: bug report (Amaya 1.1a beta/Solaris 2.5)

Scott Davis wrote:

> I find that the document back and forward buttons seem to get confused after a
> few clicks. Instead of going back and forth through the documents I'm
> expecting, they seem to go off to a document I was looking at earlier, even in
> a different session. This seems to occur more often if I two browser windows,
> and change documents in both (although back and forward might still end up
> with a document I looked at some other time).

We are working on the browsing history. These bugs will be fixed in the next 

> A small feature request for using Amaya as a browser (as distinct from editor)
> would be a "HOME" button.

As you noticed, the emphasis was put on the editing functionality of Amaya.
The browsing functionality is still lacking some basic features. We are now
revisiting the browser. As an example, we are improving the history (see 
We are also considering adding a home button.  The question is: how many 
are acceptable?

> How do you set a default home page at startup?

Just set the variable HOME_PAGE in file .thotrc in your home directory.
This is explained in:

> Typing a new document title in the Title field of teh Formatted_view window
> doesn't actually update the document. It must be typed in the structure view
> to be saved.

You can update it in the Title field of the Formatted_view window, but you
have to hit the Return (or Enter) key to have it replace the previous title.

> I'm also having trouble with editing to create a page with FORMs. There
> doesn't seem to be any way of creating submit and reset buttons.

When the caret is somewhere within a FORM, just select entry CommandLine from
the Form menu (you get it from the Types menu).  It creates both buttons.
You can then edit the Value attribute of the corresponding INPUT element
to change the label of these buttons.

> The editor
> also seems reticent to allow me to type text in a paragraph within a form once
> I have added a form element (eg TextInput) in that paragraph. I'm new to
> forms, so I might be doing something wrong.

Form creation in Amaya needs some improvements.
More in the next release.


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