Re: Q: bug or feature with <HR>

Hi Bertrand,

You wrote:
> Given the following HTML code,
> <H1 align=center>
> abcdef
> <HR>
> ghijkl
> </H1>
> with all browsers I've tried, except Amaya, the part of the H1 block before 
> the <HR> tag is displayed just above the horizontal ruler, and the part of 
> the H1 block after the <HR> tag is displayed just below the ruler. With 
> Amaya, the first letter of the part of the H1 block after the <HR> tag is 
> displayed in the right margin (one line below the ruler) and the rest 
> of the block is displayed on the next line, correctly centered.
> Is this a known bug? ... Or is it a feature?

It's not really a bug.
The HTML 3.2 specification does not allow a HR to be within a H1. The piece
of HTML code you give is not correct.  Some browsers display it one way, some
other another way.

Amaya sticks to the W3C recommendations and tries to encourage the
correct use of these recommendations.  It makes some effort to recover
from some HTML errors but not too much, so that you can detect and fix
errors in your documents.

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