thot library

Please bear with me as I am trying to understand how to unpack and
compile thotlib. I have a file called which contains a series
of java source code files (I am a java novice, but proficient in C so
please pardon the questions). Am I correct in assuming that
is the complete set of thotlib sources. I can't seem to find thot_gui.h
or other header files that amaya.h wants so I am very confused. Could
you help me understand how thotlib works or direct me to a server where
I can read a bit more about how it works as I try to get closer to
compiling amaya. (That is my end goal, to compile amaya on my windows95
system so I may understand how it works and [hopefully] offer some

Also, perhaps there is another file somewhere I need to download to
figure out how all of this fits together and compiles.

Charles Krinke
FAX (714) 645-0208
Newport Beach, California, USA

Received on Friday, 26 September 1997 14:06:40 UTC